Through a website, blog, and book, Stop Street Harassment takes an international look at the way men’s harassment of girls and women limits gender equality; invites people around the world to break the silence and share their gender-based harassment stories online (both women and men can contribute); and (both online and in the book) provides resources and ideas for action that anyone can take to help make public places safe and welcoming for everyone.

About the Blog:

This is a space for anyone to share their gender-based street harassment stories and strategies for dealing with it. It’s also a place where the administrator comments on street harassment in the news and highlights street harassment activism.

About Street Harassment:

About the Administrator:

Holly Kearl founded the Stop Street Harassment website and this companion blog in 2008. In 2010, her book Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women (Praeger Publisher) was released. Since then, Holly has been speaking across the world about this issue and has received widespread media attention for her comprehensive work around ending street harassment. In spring 2011, she founded International Anti-Street Harassment Day, to be held each year on March 20.

Holly has written about street harassment or the Guardian, Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Oregonian and AOL, and the Ms magazine blog. Her work has been featured by the United Nations, the New York City Council, CNN, New York Times, BBC Magazine, Washington Post, MSNBC, Feministing.com, Jezebel, Ms. magazine, Washington City Paper, New York City Examiner, Bust magazine, and Bitch magazine. Internationally, her work has been mentioned in articles and radio shows in Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Contact Info:

The best way to reach Holly is by email for interview requests and speaking engagement invitations.

If you have a street harassment story tip, idea for ending street harassment, or are an activists who wants to have your work featured on her website, please let her know.

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