Humanity could care less

June 18, 2008

A couple days ago I went to a restaurant with my friends. I had two gay friends with me, one was a complete femme girl, and the other was a gay guy, who YES, wore makeup. We were sitting normally, like any other people would have, until I just happened to notice all these cold stares from the whole restaurant staring straight at him. Staring would be rather a kind word in this situation. I looked at him, and for some reason he didn’t notice, or maybe he did, but was just trying to let it go. I stared right back at all the people, until SOME actually started to look away. They were staring at him as if he was Adolf Hitler and just walked in the room with a billion deaths on his hands. The poor boy wanted to EAT, and that’s what he got. I hate how people don’t even have manners anymore, just because people are gay does not mean they’re animals in a zoo and meant to be stared, pointed, and looked down upon. He kept telling me to stop, and that I am causing even more attention. I didn’t care, let there be attention, now there would have been a real show. I tried to make him understand that he cannot and would not ever settle for that kind of harassment. He of course told me to stop, and to his favor i had to. I understood afterwards that it happens so much to him, that simply pretending to be a wall is his only hope to get away from it. I respect people’s beliefs and if they think that homosexuals are ‘living the wrong lifestyles’ they don’t have to show their pure hatred towards them. Hating is just as a big sin as homosexuality, and everyone just makes me crazy. In the end my friend was completely right, you have to learn how to control yourself and ignore them, that’s all you can do. Starting something or saying something back will only make it worse.

– Linda