Lara Logan on “60 Minutes”

As I wrote last Friday, CBS reporter Lara Logan went on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday to tell what happened to her on February 11, 2011, in Cairo. I’ve written about the mass sexual assault she expeirenced at the hands of hundreds of men a few times.

I was traveling on Sunday and only this morning have I had a chance to watch it (thanks, DVR) while I ran on the treadmill. I was running in tears for a few minutes and noted when I passed the 25 minute mark during my run – the length of them she experienced the assualt.

It’s an emotional experience and not easy to hear her story, but it’s so important to listen. She is very brave to open up like that, especially considering how after she did, all of her female colleagues thanked her for breaking the silence on something they all have faced but had kept quiet about for fear of people using that as proof that women shouldn’t be reporters.

If you missed the “60 Minutes” episode, it’s online and the segment on Logan is less than 20 minutes. May her story be a reminder to us all to keep telling our stories and speaking out. That is something our harassers and attackers cannot take away from us and it’s what ultimately will turn the tide and make the harassment of women unacceptable.

One Response to Lara Logan on “60 Minutes”

  1. Clarice says:

    When I watched this video, I was already in tears half way through it. I did not know that Lara Logans assault was as horrific as what she described. I was speechless for words.

    What she went through will scar her for the rest of her days and she has to live with that. I cannot believe that these human beings could commit such a violent and dispicable act on another.

    I’m so glad that Lara is feeling a lot stronger and has been getting a lot of support. Though she shouldn’t feel guilty at the fact that she could of died and left her children without a mother. It would not of been her fault. But she stayed alive. She believed she could.

    She should not be seen as a victim, but a surviver. And hats off to her for breaking the silence.

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