Harasser uses loudspeaker in a grocery store parking lot

When I got out of my car I heard someone on a loud speaker say, “Have a nice day,” which has never happened before. Some new gimmick? At 10pm? No.

Walking from my car to the store, the voice starts to address me…”Looking good ma’am, with those silver shoes. I see you rockin’ them silver shoes.”

I realized the voice was coming from a cluster of three automobiles, one of which was an old van with tinted windows. Nice. I sped up and ignored whatever else he said. As I entered the store, I heard him calling out some other hapless patron. ‘What a wack-job,’ I thought. I told the cashier, who said she was leaving soon, so she’d tell the on duty cop. I was relieved.

As I left, I was more curious than anything, so as soon as I heard the voice, I looked for the speaker’s silhouette. This must have encouraged him, because he really locked onto me. Now he was talking about the “Girl with the striped shirt, with the brown pants, in them striped silver shoes, I see you looking good. Damn. Can I have your number?”

I felt completely exposed. It was so creepy. I wanted to do something to shut him up but I also felt like getting away as quick as I could, so I calmly drove away. I didn’t want to give him any more reason to take interest in me. What if he followed me home? Doesn’t he just sound like a Junior Serial Killer, playing a little cat and mouse game of voyeur?

So, now I don’t feel safe while making a run to the local grocery store on a Thursday night. That’s pretty ridiculous.

– Snackrun

Location: The Kroger grocery store down the hill from our town.

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Find suggestions for what YOU can do about this human rights issue.

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