No, officers, harassment, following and assault does not equal “flirting”

I was on my way back home from a party with some of my girlfriends when two cars stopped and the drivers began to call us disgusting names and asked us if we wanted to have sex with them. Not knowing what else to do we spit at the car of the men and continued our way as fast as possible. They became very angry about that and started to follow us, throwing things after us.

Even though we were a lot of girls, we felt instantly really scared and started to run, but they didn’t let go. When a police car passed by we ran on the street to stop it and asked the officers for help.

But after having checked the men’s licence they told us that they just wanted to “flirt” with us and that they saw no reason for further actions against them. When the police car drove away it was the first time in my life I realized that this kind of behaviour is tolerated and supported by considering it as normal.

Being left alone by the police we asked some male friends to accompany us home, which was like a second embarrassment, I think everybody of us just felt really bad and conscious of our physical inferiority which seemed to legitimate every kind of behaviour. We sweared to ourselves that next time we’ll make sure to be able to protect us ourselves.

– P.M.

Location: France

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Find suggestions for what YOU can do about this human rights issue.

2 Responses to No, officers, harassment, following and assault does not equal “flirting”

  1. beckieweinheimer says:

    What is the most horrible is the police. When is this going to change???? Thank you for sharing. I think we have to keep telling the police until they take us seriously!! I’ve had similar responses from police. So sorry.

  2. How could the police have interpreted this as flirting? The men in the cars did not drive by and yell things once (which would still be harassment). They stopped the car, followed the women, and continuously yelled things at them. They even threw things, which should count as physical evidence. I don’t know how the police officer flirts with women, but I don’t pull over my car to ask random pedestrians if they want to have sex.

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