“Being your natural self is obviously a crime”

I’ve really had enough! I only posted a story on here last week and yet here I am again.

You’re probably getting fed up of seeing my name! But this is the only place where I can share my harassment experiences and express how it makes me feel.

So, I haven’t really been harassed on the street. But I have been BULLIED on an internet site. And it’s starting to affect my life. The problem is, Im addicted to this site. I’ve been trying to come off the site but I’ve found it very hard.

I have a condition called OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This means I get obsessed with things and cam easily become addicted to something. Luckily I don’t smoke or take drugs so Im not addicted to something thats putting my health at risk.

Anyway, on this website, I have got some good friends and there are nice people to talk to but there are also some very nasty people on there too. I can’t count how many times I’ve been insulted and critisised either because I rejected a man’s advances or had a disagreement with something. I would say 90% of the bullies were men.

I have seriously had it with people. I am a tall, curvy girl with a blonde bob. Because of these three things, I’ve been tormented over it. I’ve been called fat, ugly, miss piggy, porky, orca whale, basin head etc. Day in, day out I am insulted at least once. I am not the only victim.

Also, most of the time it is sexist insults e.g. slag, slut, whore etc. I have had rape, death and violence wished on me and Im constantly being told that Im worthless and stupid. This has made me feel bad about myself. I have zero confidence and Im always putting myself down.

Then to top it off, I get regularly harassed on the street – usually snickers, stares, snide remarks and catcalling. So that doesn’t help. I hate going out on my own. Im sensitive about the way I look. Guaranteed if I pass a gang or group of teenagers, they will laugh, whisper something or give me filthy looks.

I wish I could stop going on that site. It’s making me depressed.

I’ve started to feel that I should change. Because society does not seem to accept me for who I am. I am considering on losing some weight, growing my hair long and perhaps wear some make up. Being your natural self is obviously a crime…

– Clarice

Location: Wales, UK

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2 Responses to “Being your natural self is obviously a crime”

  1. alankearl says:

    Hi Clarice. I am sorry for your pain and the constant critiques (and worse) you must endure. Sometimes change is good, it can open up new opportunities and give you a new outlook on life and who you are. While the motivation for change may be harsh and questionable (like being fired/sacked from a job) nevertheless, change can be good….just don’t change all the great qualities you have!

  2. Kelly says:

    Clarice please only change your appearance on your terms it is for you decide not those snarling cowards. Don’t do change for them, in reality they really don’t care how you look. They don’t care about other, period.

    They are self interested and simply don’t care about anyone who isn’t them. They use someones weaknesses and exploit them it doesn’t really matter them what the weakness all they see an opportunity to belittle someone. Bullies only care about themselves and how to make themselves feel superior (or look in the eyes of other) the seek self worth through the humilation and pain of others. I’ve had a horrible self image thanks to bullies and had minor OCD so I know what it feels like (I’m mostly over the
    OCD but the bullying still scars) If you want to change don’t do it for them alright it will feel so much more fufilling than being motivated by cruelty. Remember you are beautiful don’t let them get to you I know it’s hard but they are nobodies so don’t focus on them (cheesy I know) I don’t know if this helped or not but you have my understanding and empathy.

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