“We felt absolutely sick and pretty much ran away feeling like vomitting”

As a girl I find it disgusting when guys leer or make rude sexual references around me (or behind my back, as I found out recently as well from a friend of my sisters who heard a guy make a sexual comment about me as I left the room). I don’t like clubbing, I’m cautious about wearing fairly revealing clothes (sometimes just a simple dress of shorts) as men of ‘all’ ages stare and comment. I’ve faced children as young as 8 making comments at me.

The thing that makes me really sick though is middle aged (40+) males making comments about younger girls (younger than 15).

About six years ago, my sister and I were in town shopping (me being about 13 her being almost 15), having walked around for ages and my sister in high heels she joked with me to give her a piggyback ride to where we were getting collected because her feet were hurting. A man in his 40’s, who was walking in front of us turned to my sister, looked at her and said ‘he’d give her a piggyback any day’ and something along the lines of a ‘good thum****’.

To this day my sister and I are still disgusted at the nerve of this man, especially to say it to young girls. We felt absolutely sick and pretty much ran away feeling like vomiting. We never did anything about it, there was nothing we could possibly do, but I’ve been effected since that day and I feel degraded and repulsed every time a guy whistles/stares/leers/comments about me or any woman.

– H + C

Location: Reading Town Centre, United Kingdom

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Find suggestions for what YOU can do about this human rights issue.

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