“These sexually exploited comments were coming from children”

I have been harassed twice last week. Both incidents were small but the affect it had on me was BIG.

I have had it with society. What has happened to our supposed ‘civil’ race? The human race. We have become more savage and uncivilised than animals. Even they are far more dignified than us! I swear by it.

I was waiting for a taxi outside a guest house in Porthcawl. The night before, I had dyed my brown hair, blonde. Only it turned out slightly ginger. I wasn’t all that bothered about it. I could dye it again. The only thing I was sensitive about was what OTHER people might think. Would they stare at me? Would they laugh at me? Will some arrogant asshole come along and make a snide comment? Well, I was half expecting it… and my fear was confirmed.

A gang of teenagers were walking on the other side of the road and were ALL staring at me. “Here we go” I thought to myself. And when I looked back, a boy made a face and said “Eww”. Then a girl did the same. I sighed. I knew it!

Then they carried on walking as though nothing had happened. Yes, to them, maybe it was ‘nothing’. But guess what you jerks?? Your sheer ignorance happened to ruin my day! I’m sure you would feel proud of that wouldn’t you? If you knew.

Then a few days later, I was on my way to my local community hall and I had to walk past a shop. Three young boys were hanging around. They only looked about 12. I didn’t think much of them until after I had walked past them, I heard shouts of “Can I bum you?” “Move that ass!”

These sexually exploited comments were coming from children. As I walked on ignoring their jeering, I shook my head in disbelief. What has this world come to?

Sexual harassment is getting younger and younger. I have experienced this before with young kids. And each time it happens, it disgusts me more and more. Where are their morals? Are their parents aware of how they are behaving when they are not around? Where have they picked this type of language up? It beats me.

All I can say is they are not being taught a very important thing – respect. And I find it very saddening.

– Clarice

Location: South Wales, UK

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One Response to “These sexually exploited comments were coming from children”

  1. Nigerian Sista says:

    Wow, I live in the US and have experienced similar treatment from teeangers. I myself am 26 years old. I remember aboout two years ago I was going for a walk in my neighborhood and I passed a group of teenage boys and girls. Theses childresn had to be between the gaes of 14-16. They were coming from one direction I and I was coming from opposite. As I passed them they all started chuckling and looking at me with each other…it was a sad display. There really are children and adults with no mannners and I find it pitiful. My thing is what could have possibly happened to them in their life to to make them feel obligated in harassing/disturbing every woman that comes their path. I wonder if their parents would even care…

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