When going to the drug store means preparing for battle

I attended college in Chicago, IL. Being harassed on the street was a daily occurrence. It got to the point where I avoided going outside, unless it was absolutely necessary.

I remember one day I had just really had it with all the harassment, but I really needed to go to the drug store, so I made a quick trip. I put together a game plan before departure.

I dressed in super baggy clothing, with a hood, and put on sun glasses, so that maybe I would be left alone. I walked with my head down across the street to the drug store. I quickly grabbed what I needed and headed back towards home. I thought I was home free when a man tried to talk to me on the street. I decided just to ignore him and keep walking. He got upset and started yelling at me. He got his friend and told him that I thought I was better than everybody. And they both continued to yell at me as I hurried away– all because I didn’t accept his advances.

– Harper S.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Find suggestions for what YOU can do about this human rights issue.


One Response to When going to the drug store means preparing for battle

  1. beckieweinheimer says:

    i cannot even imagine having to go to those efforts. I feel so badly for you. It just is not right. You should be allowed to dress how you want and walk how you want. I hope all our sharing will start a revolution on the streets and soon it will be so “un-cool” to harass a woman that we can walk in safety.

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