The tide is turning!

In the last chapter of my book, I wrote about the need for governments, major organizations and media groups to pay attention to street harassment and address it as a form of gender violence that impedes equality.

I would never have guessed that so soon after I turned in my manuscript 15 months ago,  I would already see that starting to be fulfilled.

First, last fall, there was the launch of the United Nations’ Safe Cities Programme (which is the first by the UN to truly address street harassment) and the New York City Council’s first-ever hearing on street harassment. Those were huge developments and I know will influence what other organizations and local governments do about the issue.

And while there has been a definitive growing number of media outlets addressing street harassment, I am overcome with happiness and relief to find such well-respected, influential, and impressive groups like BBC  News and ACLU addressing street harassment – and in one day no less.

I think the tide is turning!

I hope you’ll read both articles, they’re great.

I have so much hope right now.

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