Verbally harassed almost daily in Buenos Aires

There are many stories I can tell, because where I come from street harassment is a very common thing. I could say that every day, or at least every week to be precise I had to face a form of street harassment in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I could name two that I remember very clearly:

  • In a train, being touched by a guy standing behind me as I was getting off the train. My reaction was aggressive, I hit the guy. He shouted that I was a crazy bitch.
  • Walking on the street, a guy walking on the opposite direction, touched me as he was walking by my side. I didn’t react immediately. He didn’t even say anything… he just grabbed me.

Those were, as far as I remember the ones where there was contact. But I could say that me and my friends were practically every day verbally harassed by men on the streets.

– Anonymous

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Find suggestions for what YOU can do about this human rights issue.

3 Responses to Verbally harassed almost daily in Buenos Aires

  1. My “defense” against street harassment in Buenos Aires is my iPod, which I bought solely to block out the offensive comments. I’ve noticed that men don’t even bother when they know I can’t hear them (or they think I can’t).

    Here in Argentina there isn’t a word for “catcalling” or “street harassment”; instead, Argentines refer to it as “compliments.” Much work needs to be done in Buenos Aires to educate that street harassment is an act of violence.

  2. Vee says:


  3. Romina says:

    I am a woman, I was born in Buenos Aires and I still live in this city. I hate street harassment and I don’t think it’s a compliment. But it’s true, we need to put a name to this thing, like “acoso verbal callejero”.
    I am happy for this project, because I am a victim everyday.

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