Have a successful Anti-Street Harassment Day!

I am SO excited for our big day tomorrow. From people telling their stories to people organizing/attending events, it’s going to be epic.

Here is the information you need for a successful day.

  1. All the info you need in one place: The main webpage is updated with links to all of this following info.
  2. Ten Ideas for Action: Not sure what to do? Visit this page.
  3. Find Events: What’s going on near you?
  4. Post Fliers and Factsheets: Here are several fliers and factsheets you can adapt, use.
  5. Post Graphics Online: Anti-Street Harassment Day graphics are available in 7 languages
  6. TWEET: #antistreetharassmentday
  7. Take Photos of Whatever You Do: Let’s document everything that happens! Upload pics to Flickr: or email them to me, stopstreetharassment AT yahoo DOT com

I’m excited to say there’s been a lot of media coverage so far. And already the founder of HollaBack Baltimore, Shawna Potter, had an op-ed published this week and male ally Hugo Schwyzer wrote a great article for Jezebel.

Let’s keep it up and get the message out that spring is no excuse for street harassment.

Thank you for taking action tomorrow – I look forward to hearing what you do.

-Holly Kearl

One Response to Have a successful Anti-Street Harassment Day!

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