Believe it or not, I did not walk by so that you could ask me to have sex with you

Designer Answer Ejiasi created this graphic for a design class last year when she was a student at the University of Iowa. She recently shared it with me and said I could share it for you all to see and appreciate. I love it.

This is the thought behind the project:

“The design is based off of an experience I had at a fast food restaurant in Florida roughly two years ago on my birthday. It’s also based on a number of the experiences I had read about on this blog and other street harassment blogs.

I designed it to be similar in size to those large coupons/fliers that come with the Sunday paper. I wanted it to resemble a fast food ad in order to pull people in to reading it with the expectation of it being a coupon, and instead having them come to realize it’s for a different cause altogether, and thereby add awareness to the issue of street harassment.”

Way to go, Answer, for using your talents to raise awareness about street harassment and help work to end it!

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