One week to go until Anti-Street Harassment Day!

Rogers Park Young Women's Action Team

March 20 is International Anti-Street Harassment Day. The stories submitted to my blog this week alone make it very clear week why we need it:

To participate on March 20, all you need to do is agree to share a story or talk about street harassment online or in person with a family member, friend, neighbor, classmate, colleague, or even a complete stranger! Let’s break the silence around this global problem.

  • Here are 10 ideas for action on March 20
  • If you’re on twitter, tweet about street harassment with either of these hashtags: #antistreetharassmentday and #march20
  • If you plan to submit an article for a local or campus newspaper, here are useful statistics to include. Visit the OpEdProject website for tips on writing an opinion editorial and to find the contact information and submission guidelines for more than 100 newspapers. Your stories, your opinions matter!
  • You can request a press release template from me that you can tailor for your local media to announce your Anti-Street Harassment Day involvement. Email stopstreetharassment AT yahoo DOT com.
    • Find inspiration for your activism:
    • Use graphics (in 6 languages, see below), fact sheets & fliers. Download, post & share them widely and/or adapt them to create your own.
    • RSVP on Facebook if you’ll participate and invite your friends to RSVP too.

    Confirmed events:

    • Ten events are listed on CrowdMap
    • Facebook event pages:

    Media coverage from the past week alone!

    I hope you will participate in this historic day and invite your friends and family to as well. Spring is no excuse for street harassment!!

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