“I felt like at any moment he might pounce on me”

I was waiting for a bus after a business meeting in Midtown one morning and I was wearing a pencil skirt and heels. A short but respectable-looking middle-aged man in a suit walked up to me and, practically panting, said, “You know, you have really nice legs…” as he lecherously looked me up and down.

I just gave him a disgusted look and hoped he would go away, but instead he sidled up really close to me and continued asking questions. “What’s your name? How tall are you? You’re really tall.”

I tried to ignore him and whisper one word responses in hopes he would just leave me alone, since I wasn’t in the mood for a confrontation. Finally he said, “We should really have lunch sometime,” and when I replied that, “My boyfriend really wouldn’t like that,” he finally left me alone, of course muttering as he walked away, “He’s a really lucky guy.”

It’s not so much what this guy actually said, but the way he said it – I felt like at any moment he might pounce on me, which was nauseating. He invaded my personal space and privacy and just didn’t know when to back off. What a pathetic old creep.

– Anonymous

Location: 45th & 6th Ave., New York

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2 Responses to “I felt like at any moment he might pounce on me”

  1. Sue says:

    He only backed off when he was told you ‘belonged to someone else’. I’ve met that attitude before, where if a guy has been harassing me and my boyfriend turns up it’s him he apologises to, not me.

    I’m sorry you had such a horrid experience. Sometimes directness is the only thing that works but I can understand why you didn’t want a confrontation at that time.

  2. Sarah says:

    I have had this happen a million times in New York. One time the guy was actually pointing his camera phone at me to film my reaction. He was like hey nice tits and I slapped at the phone. He walked away with out saying anything!

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