40-year-old perv to 16-year-old on subway, “You like to dress slutty like that. I’d love to give you an orgasm.”

I was on the Q train going downtown. I was out with friends but alone on my way home at like 1 a.m. I got on the third car and sat in the corner. The doors were about to close and this guy gets on and looks at me right away. We were the only 2 people on the train and he sits right across from me.

I’m 16 and this guy was probably like 40 attractive and well dressed. So he starts talking to me saying, “Wow you look really good, do you want to go out for a drink?”

I’m 16, duh…Then he’s like, “No, you you don’t look good, you look sexy. Do you have a boyfriend?”

I am ignoring him at this point.

Then I notice he has his phone pointed right at me and i got really pissed and scared. We got to the next stop and he got up like he was going to get off the train but he didn’t. The doors closed then he is standing up right in front of me and he puts his camera right in front of me.

He’s like, “Baby you look so good. You like to dress slutty like that. I’d love to give you an orgasm…Does your boyfriend get you off?” I notice he is rubbing his dick with his other hand and flicking his tongue at me. I got up and stood by the door. Then he goes, “Well be that way you little c*nt. I thought you were a whore the way you were dressed! Does your dad know you go out like that you little whore”

I got off the train and he still had his phone pointed at me and was flicking his tounge at me as the train pulled away. WTF is wrong with people. I mean he looked so normal. Does he like go home to a normal family? He had a wedding ring on.

Can I not look nice and be out in public in this city? I am so angry this morning…This guy was blond like 6 feet and had glasses on. He had on all black a wedding ring and a Rolex. I know because I saw it when he had his phone right in my face. What as ass.

– Marissa

Location: Q train, NYC

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5 Responses to 40-year-old perv to 16-year-old on subway, “You like to dress slutty like that. I’d love to give you an orgasm.”

  1. Keeley says:

    Disgusting. I feel so bad for you. I too wonder what the satisfaction is there.

  2. i am so sorry. That is horrible.

  3. Jen says:

    That is horrible, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Well done you for keeping your cool and ignoring him though – he sounds like a seriously nasty case.

  4. alan says:

    it was about control, plain and simple. you were isolated and he took advantage of that! so sorry this happened.

  5. Clarice says:

    What an arrogant, nasty loser! There was no excuse to talk to you like that. I’m sorry that you went through that ordeal.

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