Street Harassment Snapshot: February 13, 2011

Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past week and find relevant announcements and upcoming street harassment events.

Street Harassment Stories:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

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10 Tweets from the Week:

  • nada_rama thats disappointing what happened to the new #Egypt plans ? :/RT: @EngyG sexual harassment was reported during street celebrations
  • ImJDan I’m just shocked by the fact that women can go through street harassment and men are still “well whose bothering u?”
  • aaw1976 That street harassment is real @Imjdan. It happens to young girls everyday and they can be assaulted if they speak up.
  • abby_go_lucky walk down the street sans fear of harassment/degradation. can someone make that into a pithy protest slogan?! preferably one that rhymes!
  • wandofmirkwood How dare Westerners call the veil oppressive when I can’t even go out in public without getting harassed?
  • sarahsosiak Resolved: My new response to street-harassment will be an academic lecture about the economics of male attention.
  • spokenbeats Call me uptight, but I hate havng 2 deal w/street harassment on a daily basis. It gets old & it always has me on the defense
  • MagneticCrow @littlefluffycat Aw, I used to smile at strangers… But it brought me so much additional street harassment that I stopped. 😦
  • sarahsosiak Wow. It is way too early to need to come up with snappy comebacks to street harassment.
  • DianeMassage @MTAInsider, please tell yr train conductors not 2 cat-call women as they’re getting off the train. Thx #streetharassment

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