Harassed, groped, and affronted in front of her own apartment door

I don’t feel safe at home anymore.

It was Monday, Dec. 20, when this happened. I had just gotten home from a night out with my friends and I walked up to my apartment. I was digging my keys out of my purse when I noticed a couple of guys walking up the stairs. I thought nothing of it as my neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves.

One of the guys started talking to me and I hadn’t gotten my key into the door, and I realized that at this point I was trapped between my living space and two guys I didn’t know. He was asking me if he could come ‘hang out’ and I said no. He touched me and tried to kiss me and at one point ran his hand over my crotch. He then grabbed my keys and opened my door. I went inside, shoved him and shoved my door closed.

I was in shock and I felt stupid that I didn’t call the police. I was too freaked out, and I was just glad that I got into my apartment by myself.

It’s been a few days and I still don’t think there’s enough water to wash all this disgusting off of me.

– DL

Location: Katy, TX (Houston Suburb)

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Find suggestions for what YOU can do about this human rights issue.


4 Responses to Harassed, groped, and affronted in front of her own apartment door

  1. I’m so so sorry this terrible incident happened! How frightening. I’m glad you were able to get away. It’s not too late to call the police if you do wish to report him. Maybe he has a prior record and your report will put him away, or maybe this report can lead to a conviction in the future if someone reports him (chances are he’s done the creepy routine before or may do it again). Also, have you been able to talk to friends/family for emotional support?

  2. jen says:

    It is not too late. Call the cops. If you get an asshole cop (likely) who asks why you didn’t report it, just say you were traumatized. Calling the cops and making sure a report is filed will help protect you.

  3. kyleth says:

    I’ve talked to my family and friends. They’re glad that I’m ok. I have good friends I’ve talked to about this and it helps. I’m moving soon which makes me happy. I’ve been harassed in public establishments but never in front of my own home before.

    That said, I’m feeling better mainly because I haven’t been to my apartment in a few days. Every time I have to stop by there I have my keys gripped in one hand and pepper spray in another.

    As for reporting the guys, I don’t even know where they live. I have an idea of who they were staying with, but I don’t know for sure. Up until Monday, I had never seen them before.

  4. So scary. Good for you for shoving him. I am so sorry that happened.

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