“How come your hand doesn’t slip over a hot oven?”

A guy on a bus in India thinks it’s funny to “accidentally” let his hand slip to touch a female passenger. His buddies seem to think it’s funny, too. Watch what happens when he tries to touch her a second time…

This video clearly shows how a bystander can end a harassment incident and help change the social acceptability of harassment, especially when the woman experiencing harassment may not feel able to respond. The bystander did not back down and he thought fast on his feet with his retorts. (Side note: I am against the use of violence if at all possible).

What other responses do you think the bystander – or the woman facing the harassment – could have given when “Romeo”‘s asserted that his hand slip was an accident?


2 Responses to “How come your hand doesn’t slip over a hot oven?”

  1. alan says:

    Well he made his point without hitting the guy. but overall a good ad.

  2. C says:

    What, you’re not capable of controlling your own hand?

    Oh, sorry, my hand just slipped onto your shoulder. I’m sure you understand that it was an accident.

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