Free webinar about writing street harassment opinion pieces

Did you know that around 85 percent of the opinion pieces (op-eds) in American newspapers are written by men, most often by white men? The Op-Ed Project trains women to learn how to write op-eds and to feel comfortable having and sharing opinions. I went through their training last February and since then I have had a few op-eds published. It was an amazingly empowering experience to recognize and own what I know, write about it, and then see that writing published (though I also received many rejections!).

If you’re interested in learning about writing op-eds, particularly ones about street harassment, I invite you to participate in a free webinar this Saturday at noon EST that HollaBack is holding. I will be one of the panelists along with journalist Elizabeth Mendez Berry, whose op-ed in the largest Spanish language American newspaper El Diario led to the first-ever city council hearing on street harassment in NYC in October.

If you have the time on Saturday, I really encourage you to join us to find out what you can do to get your opinion published, raise awareness on a larger scale about the problems of street harassment, and – for women readers – help to make the national dialogue more balanced!

Details for the webinar.

(Thanks, KAZ for organizing what I’m sure will be an amazing webinar!)


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