Weekly Round Up: November 14, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

In the News, On the Blogs:


Upcoming Events:

Ten Tweets from the Week:

  • HollabackPGH don’t whistle @ me while i’m riding my bike dwn yr street. i’m just tryng 2 enjoy the sun & buy olive oil #streetharassment
  • sospokesaroj: #amanshouldnot catcall a girl. Who in their right mind thinks girls actually respond favorably to that?
  • annikaleigh Most confusing catcall ever: “hey! Youre kinda…not ugly cute.” At least be clever when youre objectifying me, idiot.
  • mz_laf: I almost had to karate chop this dude in the Train station. He tried to grab me. I am not the one | Damn shame #StreetHarassment
  • RevoltRealWomen Just b/c a woman has chosen 2 exercise her freedom 2 walk down the same st as you, does NOT give u the right 2 assault & harass her
  • SamKusek Guys who harass women on the street make ladies feel like they’re unsafe anywhere but their own homes. It takes us back two steps.
  • TheSceneSerene #angryblackwomantweet death to dudes that want to publically harass and embarrass u on the street.
  • kaalakawaa Even if a person walked down the street in a micro-mini, the harassment is the fault of the harasser not the harassed
  • JessiDG: “Paranoia is a female rite of passage.” #streetharassment and @FourSquare http://shar.es/0BMdQ
  • buttersburke There is an app that counters street harassment from guys??? Does it shoot & kill them instantly??

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