“As soon as they saw me they started making sexual comments”

This is a story i want to share which happened a while ago. I was at my house waiting for my boyfriend to come around. When i looked out of my window to see if he was walking up the road, i did see him – being hassled by a group of lads. I quickly ran to the door to see what the commotion was and ready to defend my man.

When i stood by the door, i could hear the boys teasing him and asking him if he would do this ‘beat box’ sound. Now you’re probably wondering what i mean by that. The beat box is like a beating noise rappers do, pretty difficult to explain really. Me and my boyfriend had been harassed before over it. Anyway, i yelled at the idiots to leave him alone as my boyfriend came up my path.

As soon as they saw me (a woman) of course they started making sexual comments to me and laughing together. I was furious. I told them to fuck off while my boyfriend threatened to call the police and slammed the door. We didn’t call the cops in the end because they left but i was mad. It ruined my night.

– Clarice

Location: Wales, UK

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


5 Responses to “As soon as they saw me they started making sexual comments”

  1. Clarice says:

    Gosh how come no one ever comments on my stories? Is it because im british?

  2. Dominic says:

    Hi love i know how you feel! i’ve actually posted a couple of my own harassment stories and had no comments and one story wasn’t even posted! i know why, because im a man. theres a double standard where people seem to make out that ‘men can’t get harassed’ and then we are told that we like it really. i find it maddening. i don’t know why you don’t get any responses though, you’re a woman, so i thought you would! but you could be right, it could be because you’re from the uk! don’t let it annoy you, chin up 🙂 Oh and as for those boys, i bet they were trying to make your partner jealous or just showing off! but failed lol. good on you for standing up to them! i wish you both well 🙂

  3. @Clarice, I’m not sure why people comments on some blog posts and not on others. It’s certainly not because you’re from the UK and I appreciate that you share so many stories. Very few of the posts I write as an administrator receive comments.

    @Dominic, I did post your story even though I state on my blog that this is primarily a space for people to talk about men harassing women. Rarely is there the same threat of rape or the same power dynamics in play when a woman harasses a man on the street. If you want to start your own blog about men as the target of harassers, I would be happy to add it to my blogroll.

  4. Golden Silence says:

    I read every story posted on here and try to comment on as many as possible, but I don’t comment on all of them because I may not be able to find the words to express how I feel, details of the story may be vague (not in yours, just speaking generally), etc. My not commenting doesn’t mean I don’t care in way, shape, or form.

    Dominic, I can’t remember if I commented on your story, but I’m sure there was a story a man submitted that I commented on where I said I can’t stand it no matter the gender (or something in those lines).

    That said, stories that have the most comments aren’t necessary more important than stories that don’t have many (or any) comments. All the stories I’ve read here have made me think, have made me feel sympathetic, have upset me, etc.

  5. Dominic says:

    That would be very much appreciated administrator. I think it’s about time that the problem with men being harassed is recognised. I understand how much grief you ladies suffer from our gender, i hate those type of men myself! But believe me when i say i’ve had some nasty incidents with women (particularly girls)! And the worst part is when i’ve been told that i shouldn’t complain because im a man! Thanks for taking note and i hope to receive a response soon.

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