Now Available: HarassMap and iPhone App

For more than two years, activists in Egypt have been working on HarassMap, a tool that allows people to report their harassers via SMS messaging and email. Those reports are included on a map that will be used for prevention and policy making to end street harassment. It’s mentioned in my book and when I met with NYC activists Emily May (HollaBack) and Oraia Reid (RightRides) in June 2009 as part of my book research and mentioned it, they were inspired to start working on an iPhone app.

I’m happy to report that both HarassMap and the iPhone App are working and available!

Rebecca Chiao, one of the team leads of HarassMap, just sent this message via the HarassMap Facebook group:

“Thanks to everyone who tried out HarassMap! We need your feedback on how to make it better and more effective. We’re still working on messages, design, and adding more interactive sections on the site (a forum for women to share experiences and tips, self defense videos, etc.) [If you’re in Egypt], please make a report for every time you’re harassed. You don’t have to give your name, just tell us a little about what happened and where. Then send us your feedback on how easy it was to use, or what you would change.

Thanks to you, our tech partners, probono partners, volunteers and supporters for helping us to test the site. Make a report here.”

And from Emily May on the HollaBack website:

“Finally! We are so proud to announce that the iPhone app is in stores.  This app was funded by 356 donors, and we are so, so grateful for their support.  Download it today, here! The Droid app will be coming out within the next few days, stay tuned!”

Read the great NYTimes article that just came out about it.

So if you can and if they are applicable to you, please start using these methods to report your harassers!


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