Weekly Round Up: October 24, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

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London anti-street harassment meeting

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One Response to Weekly Round Up: October 24, 2010

  1. Renee Wentz says:

    Hi, I’m the author of the essay above. I sent it to my local newspaper and added the next part so it would also be useful to men and not just a rant. “Guys, we women DO think some of those same things you say. Trust me, we are sexual beings and we see a man sometimes and THINK – “Damn……I’d like to a, b, c…and even z with him…” But that’s where it ends. Somehow we have a special thing called self-regulation. Well, maybe it’s not really that special. I don’t think it’s attached to the X chromosome. I’m sure have as much as we do. Use it. Everything you think doesn’t have to come immediately spewing from your mouth. Unlike some religious dogma, I don’t think lusting in your mind is a sin. Enjoy the visual stimulation without resulting to verbal provocation! If you want to greet us, a “Good morning, Miss.” is fine. Most of us even don’t mind a “Good morning beautiful/lovely.” It’s the “baby, sexy, fine piece of ass…” we dislike. When you are out with friends and they make a comment like this, please tell them it’s not cool to do that. Also, talk to the women you love and respect. Ask them how that kind of harassment feels. Then listen to them. We can all get along just fine, as long as we respect one another.”

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