Names that demean women

I haven’t had any experiences with harassment recently (which is a change) but i would like to share my thoughts with you about something that has bothered me since i was 16. This is about the sexual double standard. Now as im sure most of you are well aware of it, you must know exactly what i mean.

I am 19. So im still young and learning but i have definitely learnt that being a woman, i have had to deal with the fact that im going to be discriminated against because of my gender. There are three reasons why i have been called names, laughed at, critised, humiliated and objectified.

1) Because i am rather big busted. Actually i am an average size D cup, but others think different.

2) I can come across at times as being rather ‘hawty’. Also meaning ‘stuck up’.

3) The biggest reason of all, because im a WOMAN.

Now let me tell you that i have been called many different names BUT as im a female, i’ve been called these particular nasty names which i have taken more notice of. I feel these names demeans our gender and is what created the sexual double standard.

Bitch, prude, snob, slag, slut, tart and cunt.
I absolutely HATE these names.
I am called a bitch for standing up for myself.
I am called a prude if i rejected some jerks lewd advances.
I am called a slag because i wear a low top.
This makes me so mad!

If i was a man, i wouldn’t be called any of these names but because i have a vagina, i have been called these names countless flipping times!

Men have sneered at my breasts. I remember once a guy telling me that my ‘tits’ are so big, i’d crash a car! Well these ‘tits’ ( oh and they’ve always got to use the most crude language don’t they) are a very useful thing on a woman and once upon a time, your mother fed you milk from these wonderful things to keep you alive as a baby!

Some men are so damned foul mouthed. Exuse me ranting so much but i’ve just about had enough of it! I deserve to be treated with respect and not have to feel constantly nervous when i go out incase men stare at me, pass remarks or critise me. I should be able to wear what i want, be proud of my body and have every right to turn down a mans pathetic chat up lines!

Honestly, what makes them think asking a woman for a shag is so flattering?! It’s not, it’s rude! When are men ever going to learn that women are not here to be portrayed. We are human beings, not sex objects!

– Clarice

Location: Wales, UK

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One Response to Names that demean women

  1. I know all the same stuff and I think a lot of women are so totally fed up with this shit… by the way: that has nothing to do with how the woman looks like!

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