Ken Livingstone, London mayoral candidate, takes on street harassment

This has been a big month for the London Anti Street Harassment (LASH) Campaign! In early September, they met with 2012 London Mayoral candidate Oona King and after the meeting, King agreed to make street harassment one of her campaign platforms!

This week LASH sent a letter to London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone, and now he has agreed to also add street harassment to his campaign agenda! He wrote,

“I am concerned about street harassment of women and believe there is far more we need to do to tackle this problem.

I believe we should consider tougher deterrents and punishments to tackle this crime. We also need to provide far greater support for the victims of street harassment and other crimes.

This is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously, not just by the police but our schools, parents and the wider community.

It is essential that we send a clear message that street harassment of women is wrong and will not be tolerated.”

What amazing work by LASH Campaign founder Vicky Simister!! She’s a great role model for activists everywhere who want their political leaders to take this issue seriously.

This month, Vicky has also generated lots of great discussions about street harassment via appearances on the Mumsnet radio show, BBC radio 5, BBC London radio 94.5, and BBC Woman’s Hour. Keep it up!!

2 Responses to Ken Livingstone, London mayoral candidate, takes on street harassment

  1. Mark says:

    Great work, Vicky!

  2. trickygirl says:

    Great stuff – I live in London and have been harassed on the streets more times than I can remember. Although I’m personally not a fan of Ken Livingstone, I’m really pleased to see that the issue is being taken seriously by someone like him. Fantastic work from LASH!

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