Weekly Round Up: September 26, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

In the News, On the Blogs:



12 Tweets from the Week:

  • dyanti Dear members of so called progressive community,careful when u harass a girl in the street. U might pick a wrong one,like me 🙂
  • jennifercwang Lovely. Street harassed by two obnoxious brobros last night. inappropriate! Hate this mantype. #iHollaback #streetharassment
  • LEVYandMarie Just another a-hole harassing me on my block #streetharassment on Twitpic twitpic.com/2rliv3 (cc @MarianneDiNaps)
  • CircaJoyLynn Wondering why I chose this bright red dress today. I really don’t want attention from strangers… #streetharassment
  • starlipswriters @rightsandwrongs The worst part of #streetharassment might be that harassers expect our silence. So speaking up & out is the thing to do.
  • TheUndomestic Yelled a nice “fuck you” to livery cab driver who slowed down to make kissing noises at me. #streetharassment
  • El_Amster Am surprised at lack of street harassment in Malaysia. Been here for 2 wks & not so much as a sidewards glance. I feel so free
  • KristyKakes Can’t I just go for a peaceful run without getting honked at, whistled at, or a catcall?
  • smartbunny When I saw a guy catcall a jogger, I yelled @ him, “Ooh a GIRL! I better yell something stupid 2 show what a MAN I am!”
  • SpreeWilson Street harassment is out of control here in NYC according to my female friends…An aquaintance even did a one woman play addressing it
  • DesiSanchez @iHollaback Random stranger feels it’s “sad” he can’t talk 2 pretty women in the street. Told him I feel it’s sad he feels the need to 🙂
  • ton_o_fun I just witnessed some creepy dude cuss out this girl walking down the st. bc she didn’t respond 2 his catcall. I don’t get men

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