Weekly Round Up: September 12, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

In the News, On the Blogs:


Sept. 16: “Hey, You, Can I Get a Smile?” One-Woman Show, NYC


10 Tweets from the Week:

  • Phoenix_Noire No offense to all of my male friends, but you don’t “get” me on the same level as my sisters. When I have to explain street harassment? No.
  • jennpozner We fail our boys as a culture wen we teach them that #streetharassment is their imperative. @ihollaback
  • CA_Young Hating having to be a guy telling another guy to stop shooting down a woman’s experience of street harassment. I shouldn’t have to.
  • plannedaccident Okay men who harass me: 1. I’m not ur baby so don’t refer to me as such when u don’t know me 2. Don’t catcall/beep at me while I’m walking.
  • zoeylarsen If you turn “good morning” into a catcall, you need not be allowed in public.
  • ashleyrebeccah Guy on street harasses me & when I don’t respond he says “ur supposed 2say TY!” Rly, I’m supposed to TY for harassing me? #streetharassment
  • iHollaback: Just got off the phone with Hollaback Pittsburgh. Their launch is scheduled for Oct, but they are already kicking ass!
  • lashcampaign London Mayoral candidate Oona King will ensure local authorities recognize street harassment as violence against women http://oona4mayor.com
  • ashley_dodson I’m so sick of sexually hrsmnt in public. Spread awareness of street harassment. Men & women can bring an end 2 it.
  • ears_of_steam overheard a dad explain 2 daughter what #streetharassment is, & how “u don’t have to stand there & be nice.”

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