“It makes me so angry that I should be made to feel scared walking 2 blocks home”

Walking home from an evening out last night with a friend, two guys leaning against a car outside a bar, one made some comment like “mmm” i turned around and said ‘excuse me?’ He looked away embarrassed.

After I said goodbye to my friend at her flat I continued towards mine, now on a pretty dark and deserted street there was a guy just ahead of me on the pavement and as I approached him he said, “Hi beautiful thing, do you want to come upstairs with me?”

Now on my own I was wary to say anything back to him, so turned after I had passed him and gave him the dirtiest look I could. After that I kept checking behind me to be sure he wasn’t following me. It makes me so angry that I should be made to feel scared walking two blocks home on my own in the evening.

One other experience sticks in my mind – A few years ago in the metro with a girlfriend on our way out we crossed paths with two guys as we were walking through a tunnel to our next metro connection. They started whistling and making comments to us as we approached them. We ignored them as we walked past them, and one of them got angry and spat at us, a huge glob of spit ran down my friends back, absolutely disgusting, and we had just tried to ignore them.

– Bee

Location: Paris, France

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


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