Not an “ugly trout”

I had just finished work in a charity shop, it was a Saturday and i hadn’t had a really good day. it was raining, i was tired and my hair had got messy through rushing about so i felt miserable and paranoid about my appearance (i have ocd – obsessive compulsive disorder and one of my obsessions is my hair).

As i was walking past the supermarket to get to the bus stop, two young men looked at me and one yelled, “‘Oi, u fucking fat bitch!”

i looked at him and felt anger bubbling up and told him to fuck off. he continued to shout more abuse at me calling me an ugly trout. i quickly got on my bus and had to try very hard not to cry.

by the way, im not fat, im just a bit curvy. im a tall girl, a size 16. i get told quite often how attractive i am but it seems that some people will call women fat if they were just an ounce overweight! pathetic.

– Clarice

Location: Porthcawl, South Wales

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


3 Responses to Not an “ugly trout”

  1. god says:

    I hope those two men burn in hell. You are beautiful, and you are not fat, a size 16 is really not fat.


  2. Yop says:

    This bloody thin culture gets me on my nerves. I had to listen to some friends of mine saying that Shakira was fat!!!! Those people should look at themselves in the mirror, I’m sure they don’t look like Brad Pitt 😉

    I know it may be difficult sometimes, but try not to pay attention to those offensive comments, they are just imbeciles with nothing else to do than to bother the rest of the people.

  3. Clarice says:

    Thanks guys. yea it’s so pathetic. at least i work and don’t hang about street corners abusing people like they do. they are lowlife scumbags! take care peeps , )

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