Weekly Round Up: July 25, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

In the News, On the Blogs:

10 Street Harassment Tweets from the Week:

  • SpringDoes I’m always astounded by how much less street harassment I experience when walking with a man.
  • femmeniste “Wow, girl. You are so sexy!”-guy on bike. Can a lady get to work in peace? #StreetHarassment #NYC #RideBy
  • GIRLEMPOWER: @iHollaback When I was 8 my grandma blamed ME for a teenage boys sexual harassment!
  • NoWealthButLife “Hey, sexy” from strange man on street= opposite of sexy. Why is this hard for good guys to understand? http://bit.ly/ccFqjl
  • lashcampaign A film crew making a documentary about activism will be following @vicky_simister around next week
  • krisellelaran Boys: If a girl doesn’t respond to your catcall, calling her “fat” won’t make her swoon. It will make her punch you in the mouth
  • CatCall A CHILD riding his bike on the sidewalk says, “Hello beautiful” as he nearly crashes into me. “Learning catcalls young, eh?” A CHILD!
  • StopStHarassmnt #streetharassment starts early. out of 811 women, 87% said they’d faced it by age 19, 66% by age 15, & 22% by age 12. #outrageous
  • BLANK_NOISE what in the past stopped you from reacting to street sexual harassment? #eveteasing
  • iHollaback Street harassment teaches us to be silent. We just refuse to listen.

Resource of the Week:


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