Daily street harassment needs hidden camera revenge

i suffer from a social phobia as a result of the amount of harassment i get when i leave my front door. There isn’t a day goes by when i’m out on the street and there isn’t some idiot hollering out of a car!

Men appear to have the need to project the fact that you’ve given them a “thrill” or that they approve of how you look! its ridiculous! and the mentality is pathetic! its even more apparent if i’m with my girlfriend, my personal life suddenly becomes the “highlight of everyone’s day” and because they are threatened that i have no desire to please them, they turn their hurt masculine pride into derogatory abuse!

i live in a small town, and the extent of this is literally controlling my life. One of these days i am going to take a hidden camera out with me, to reveal how much this actually happens, to show up the ” men” who appear to make it their day’s objective to bully women!

– Anonymous

Location: “My hometown”


One Response to Daily street harassment needs hidden camera revenge

  1. Jen says:

    I was thinking of exactly this yesterday – I don’t think people realise when you explain what happens, just how intimidating it can be to be constantly on your guard in public – it’d be interesting to have a hidden camera to show our point of view – the looks, the leers, the stares, the gestures, the shouting.

    I’m really sorry to hear how this is impacting on you – I tend to do small-scale ‘avoidance’ strategies, like persuading my boyfriend to pop round to the shop for me and avoid the charmers who collect outside it. I’m not proud of it, and I wish I could be stronger about it, but sometimes the last thing I want after a hard day is hassle from some harassing idiots. Stay strong šŸ™‚

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