Weekly Round Up: July 18, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

In the News:


10 Street Harassment Tweets from the Week:

  • jennpozner Bklyn dudes, when’ll you realize your “How YOU doin?” street harassment is as tired as a Friends rerun?
  • barcc Street harassment=attempt to control the physical public space, but always feels so personal.
  • TashCas Another day, another slur of street harassment thrown my way. Ugh. Odds of a gun/knife getting pulled on me if I talk back…?
  • sboehmer No, it’s not that I’m shy. It’s more that your commentary on my “sweet ass” isn’t deserving of my attention. #streetharassment
  • ShoDav Why can’t men just keep their mouths shut? Catcalling is rude and unnecessary. Ugh.
  • hollabackdc thanks 2 @rendsmith for contacting OAG after reading this http://bit.ly/bIoV7r. ❤ community response to street harassment.
  • RightRides no license? no problem! u don’t need 2 drive 2 volunteer on a @rightrides driving team. email volunteer@rightrides.org 4 info
  • ForbesWoman Stop Commuter Harassment. It’s a problem 80 to 100% of women face and employers should take note @forbeswoman http://cptl.st/9xcmPS
  • UpliftMagazine Welsh PSA’s, Hey Baby & Schrödinger’s Rapist – Street Harassment, It All Adds up! http://tinyurl.com/3xktlcd
  • jessielovesyu Street harassment needs to stop. #fuckpatriarchy

Resource of the Week


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