British car masturbator caught

Glenn Flello via This is Lincolnshire

28-year-old British gent Glenn Flello liked to drive around honking at women then he’d masturbate at them.

“Reading from the victim’s police statement, [prosecuting] Miss Stace told the court: ‘I was travelling at approximately 55 miles per hour when the male raised his bottom from the driver’s seat and had his hands around his erect penis. He was looking at me and it shook me up and made me angry. He beeped his horn constantly and I also had the sensation that his car was edging closer to me and he was still carrying out the same actions as before. I was not only disgusted because he was grinning right at me but I did not know he had control of his vehicle.”

But the fun is over for Glenn. He was arrested and plead guilty to four charges of intentionally exposing his genitals and may go to jail. His sentencing was adjourned until August 5.

Wow, what a winner: unsafe driver who likes to disgust, anger, and frighten women he doesn’t know. This must be a proud day for his parents…

(Thanks to UK SSH reader Jennifer for the tip)


4 Responses to British car masturbator caught

  1. nice one for this……….

    you ever thought that he may actually have problems? can you not read? – no previous convictions?!! is it not bad enough that he has to suffer the tabloids?

    nice one anyway you idiots, as long as you get your scope eh?!!

  2. b says:

    I had someone do something similar to me once as a teenager. I was driving on the interstate with my best friend and a guy held a sign up in his window. Not assuming it would be anything pervy, we started to read it aloud together and it said something like “Have you ever wanted to see a man touch himself…” and before we got any further, we both screamed and I slammed on the gas. Talk about making the roads unsafe!

  3. Golden Silence says:

    question mark, hush up. Stop defending the perverts.

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for that enlightening and well-articulated insight, question mark. Yes, of course – all sexual harassers have ‘problems’ and we should feel sorry for them. I agree they DO have a problem but in the majority of cases it sure ain’t anything seriously psychological except in the sense that they’ve been conditioned by the other idiots around them to think that harassing innocent women somehow validates their masculinity. Masturbating in public and dangerous driving are BOTH criminal offenses.

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