Stop Commuter Harassment

“Imagine you are heading to work on a Monday morning. Over the next 20 minutes you use your commuting time to catch up on e-mail and mentally run through a list of meetings and deadlines. You feel confident as you prepare for your day.

Suddenly a man interrupts you mid-thought to whisper, “Smile for me,” or “Hot bod.” Or gropes you on a crowded subway or follows you in his car. Now you feel angry, offended, possibly scared.

Worse than breaking your train of thought, however, is how you will carry those feelings with you to work. They affect your performance. And if this is the 20th or 100th time a man has harassed you during your commute, you might even consider changing your route, time of commute or even your job to avoid it.”

Read the rest of my article about commuter harassment at, complete with ideas for what employers can do to help keep their employees safe.

Are you harassed during your commute? If so, does it impact your work performance? Have you ever considered changing jobs because of it?


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