Weekly Round Up: July 11, 2010

Story Submissions Recap:

I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!


In the News:

10 Street Harassment Tweets of the Week:

  • jennifercwang: I am so terrible and vicious to men who sexually harass me on the street. Stop using your tiny dick for a brain and I’ll stop stomping on it
  • beleidy: And if women could walk in the street free of fear of harassment, they wouldn’t take transportation everywhere, even for very short distances
  • JeanGrae: Men, it’s 2010. You still haven’t let go of the “deflating balloon/I have a secret 2 tell you aka PSST” catcall? #dobetter
  • iHollaback: @monasosh Every time I see a baby girl, it reminds me of my 10 yr plan: create a world where they never have to experience #streetharassment
  • praymurray: An amazing, outspoken and fearless initiative 2 deal w/street sexual harassment on the streets of India http://bit.ly/ct9Qy4
  • komurphy: Keep thinking about ystrdy, 1st time I feared 4 my safety due 2 #streetharassment. It was impossible 2 ignore.
  • tekniklr: Dug: “Street harassment puts women in an impossible position. When we do nothing or say nothing, it…” http://bit.ly/aaEnWv
  • alaina_love: The @CatCall-ing has been incessant today. “I like your glasses” & “You look nice but you got a stanky attitude” (my fave).
  • icebergha: If you want to tell a woman she’s pretty, TELL HER! Don’t be disrespectful & catcall, that won’t get you anywhere!!
  • stopstharassmnt: Safe Delhi Campaign PSA shows how the community can play a critical role in making the city safer for wmen & grls http://tinyurl.com/28bwz5g


Resource of the Week:

Real Men Don’t Holla


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