“Want some chocolate milk on the side?”

I have had to deal with harassment of all sorts ranging from leers to unwanted touching ever since I was a teenager and now at age 31 that has not changed. I used to have to take public transit and I was an intern at the hospital…I had to change my route from the hospital to the bus station due to this autoshop on the street where a bunch of guys would holler and say all sorts of rude and degrading things to me as I walked by. I can’t walk anywhere without having a car honk at me and some loser hanging out the passenger side asking me for my number. One memorable experience was when a guy asked me if I was married. When I replied in the affirmative he went on to ask me if I was married to a white or a black man. When I didn’t answer he said “Must be a white man…want some chocolate milk on the side?”

I even had one guy come and grab me roughly on the arm, demanding my name as I was getting into the car when my husband was picking me up! The nerve!

Recently I ran across that game that has been making the rounds at http://www.heybabygame.com and the feedback I have been seeing especially from the majority of males is very predictable. “Oh noes, how dare we find a woman attractive and compliment her!”

There is a difference between nice polite compliments and outright leering and making a woman uncomfortable. A big difference. It is a thin line to be sure, and too many men cross it.

It is about time that guys learn that this type of stuff is NOT okay. It is not welcome, it is not flattering. It is uncomfortable, degrading, and in many cases downright scary.

Thank you for this website.

– Tracy

Location: Albany, GA

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


One Response to “Want some chocolate milk on the side?”

  1. b says:

    Chocolate milk on the side?! That is SO f*cking gross! I would have puked on his shoes. What an asshole.

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