A man on a bike grabbed my ass

Tonight while walking home in my quiet well-lit neighborhood, a man on a bike grabbed my ass. As it was a narrow sidewalk and he had to squeeze past me, it took a minute to realize what had happened. He grabbed my ass! There was no doubt it had been intentional — he turned around and grinned at me. Twice. The entire time I was so surprised that all I could do was glare.

Even now I’m not sure what I should have done. Yelled at him? Made a scene? Ignored him?

– anonymous

Location: Washington, DC

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


One Response to A man on a bike grabbed my ass

  1. S says:

    Grrrr, excuse my language: but that Piece of s***. I I know many of us are horribly careful when walking anywhere because you never know with some people. But that should not have to happen. I am sorry that happened to you. Next time: go ahead and yell: don’t grab my a** ever again and think you get away with it pervert! I know it is very hard to say something or speak up. But I think we may have to speak up now because these idiots will feel like they have been put on the spot even if it is for a second and most of the time these perverts don’t expect a woman to speak up.

    Many times the people with us will make the excuse: it was an accident, it this happens, don’t listen to that person. Go ahead and say: I know it was intentional, don’t defend his behavior. Either way, I know it sounds like we woman have to always be on high alert, but with men harassing nonstop, it seems we have to. Go ahead and yell (it makes one feel a little better and like they are in control and throws the guy off for a second.)

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