“Can’t Even Drive With My Windows Open”

I have shared multiple stories here now, each incident taking place in Massachusetts, either in or near Boston. Brockton, East Boston, Lexington, and now, Revere.

It was a fairly nice day when I was driving on the Lynn Way towards Boston, driver’s window open. I had my music on and wasn’t bothering anyone when an older looking black Honda drove up in the lane next to me. Three or four guys, probably teenagers or in their early twenties began to stuck to their heads out of their own windows and stare at me, and it was clear they wanted me to make eye contact with them. I denied them this, and instead rolled up all my windows and
continued to drive like nothing was happening.

Then, they began to stick their hands out of their windows and point at me, which had me starting to feel terrified. what the hell did that mean? Why were they pointing at me? Probably to get my attention, of course. I refused to bat an eyelash at them. They, however, refused to quit acting like idiots and didn’t stop until they finally turned off towards Point of Pines, Revere.

I know harassment is everywhere, but I’ve had too many stories in MA alone, so I urge all MA ladies to report their stories. Clearly the men here aren’t getting the message.

The boys were driving a Black Honda, MA plate number 6WE-590.

– anonymous

Location: Revere, MA

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


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