So chilling

Via twitter, I was alerted to this chilling video that captures a huge group of men harassing and attacking women in the streets of Iran.

In the comments of the article, someone posted a link to a video clip from a film by a Dutch woman who goes to Iran to see what it’s like to be a female tourist. On camera, men grope her and harass her as she walks down the street. Next it appears she goes into a building to escape them and a security guard comes to talk to her and starts off by kissing each cheek and hugging her, which she allows b/c it seems like he’s just being polite and reassuring. But then he won’t stop and soon is seen groping her breasts while she fights to get away.

I feel frightened for the women. I feel frightened for all women around the world who face street harassment from men in public places. We must work to end this global problem!


5 Responses to So chilling

  1. Golden Silence says:

    Oh, my goodness! It looks like it’s happening in broad daylight. Did one person call the police when this was going on? Did the person taping it try to do something other than tape this and be a bystander? This video sent chills up my spine.

    I am not glad that this happened, but I am glad that there’s video evidence showing that this is an international problem. There is no way that anyone can deny the fear that harassment induces after watching that video.

  2. Jen says:

    These are horrific and so upsetting. I agree with Golden Silence – I challenge anyone to watch these and say harassment is a ‘trivial’ issue.

  3. Margaret says:

    Ugh, this is so disgusting. It’s appalling that this problem is so widespread. I wanted to thank you, Holly, for writing about this incredibly important topic. I pre-ordered your book today.

  4. @Margaret, you made my day! you’re the first person who has told me s/he has ordered my book 🙂 I’m sorry it’s so expensive. I’ve battled w/the publisher over that. i’ve just got to get it out in hardback w/them and then i’ll be looking for a publisher to do a cheaper paperback.

  5. Disgusting. This reminds me of an incident that occurred in Egypt at Eid (in October) 2006, the year before I went there. Gangs of men and boys began attacking women, trying to rip their clothes off. Shopkeepers tried to hide the women in their stores and taxi drivers tried to rescue women, but the men just dragged the women out of the stores and taxi windows. Policemen saw the whole incident but basically just stood around. For the most part the government at first denied it ever happened, but fortunately someone caught it on video and posted it online.

    That second video really, really makes me not want to go to Iran. Ever. Period. The sad thing is, even though I never experienced anything that bad, it does happen to women in Egypt as well. I knew one girl who was molested by a policeman in the presence of her two male friends. Ladies, if you ever visit a Middle Eastern country, try not to let a man touch you in any way if you can help it (not that it would be your fault at all). Like you see at the end of the second vid, what to us would be an innocent hug and a kiss on the cheek can become a very unwanted incident. Sad, but true.

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