Weekly Round Up April 4, 2010


I accept street harassment submissions from anywhere in the world. Share your story!

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One Response to Weekly Round Up April 4, 2010

  1. Ilona Granet says:

    I want to know what form Sexual Harrassment on the street takes. And what is the reaction to it?
    I am going to present my case for installing signs I designed in 1986 addressing this subject. At that time I think it was a daily barage. It seems impossible to believe now, but it was also extremely vulgar, sometimes obscene and rarely funny, if ever. At times it was a double entender…wishing they could be my bicycle and I could sit…, wishing they were my dog, wishing they could live between my breasts, between my legs, how happy they could make me, shuffling up close, whispering their desires, shouting in groups, across avenues with supernaturally loud sucking sounds coming from trucks passing by, so that others on the avenue would be looking around as to who was the lucky female recipient, etc, etc.
    That was then, what happens now, and how do you feel it impacts you.
    Then I was furious. It felt like I was a sex worker which was not true. I was however the victim of rapes by strangers with weapons. It reminded me of those situations, in that they sounded so horrid and invasive, outrageous, ugly. To be polite, it had Nothing to do with flirting or fun or appreciation.
    I was told men do not behave like this anymore. If this is going out to an international audience, I imagine the behavior will differ drastically. Please tell me where you are writing about, where you live. If this behavior has stopped, there is no need for the sign, if the behavior and monologue has changed I need to know if I can design a different sign(s), or different response, or just put the sign on moth-balls. I think of the sign “Curb Your Animal Instinct” as a point of conversation, a push to discuss, to educate.
    Now, being a million years older, noone behaves badly to me. I doubt I have cured the wild side of mankind, but am happily passed that point of time.
    As I said, I need to know the stark reality, even if it great! and in as much detail as you can convey. Thank you for your help.

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