Harassed in Nepal

Image from My Republica

My Republica has an interesting/infuriating article about how common an experience street harassment is for teenagers and young women in Nepal. An excerpt:

“Twenty-year-old Dolma Choden remembers how one day she came across this one guy who, at first, seemed pretty decent.

“He was a normal-looking guy -the kind you meet every day on the road. He sat beside me on the microbus and the fifteen minutes next to him were the scariest moments of my whole life,” says Dolma.

Choden remembers how at first he talked to her and slowly put his hands across her shoulder and then began to caress her back.

“I asked him to move away but the microbus was too crowded. He even took out a ring he was wearing and forced me to wear it,” Dolma recalls.

Dolma then asked the microbus to stop and walked down. She says she walked for the next forty minutes but did not have the guts to get on another vehicle. She did not even have courage to lodge a complaint to the police.”

My Republica published an article about the high rates of harassment on public transportation last year. It’s very frustrating to hear about the commonality of street harassment throughout the world. When will girls and women be safe and have equal access to public spaces?


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