In the Huffington Post

Check out my Huffington Post op-ed about how public sexual harassment/street harassment should be illegal.

Thanks Op-Ed Project and my mentor-editor for all the help!


4 Responses to In the Huffington Post

  1. elaine says:

    I’m not subscribed to HuffPo, so I was not able to leave a comment there–but I note how the three comments that were there were all whiny ones (no doubt at all placed by a male, in each case) moaning that such legislation would mean the criminalization of their “looking” at women. I wonder which of the three has likely gone the step beyond ‘looking’–whatever that may constitute in his mind–to more active harassment. Too many American males just *do not* get this issue at all, and they need to be made to get it through tougher social and legal stances regarding it.

    At any rate, bravo for an excellent piece!

  2. b says:

    Ditto Elaine. The whiny dude take on the piece was as expected: annoying and short-sighted. [sigh]

  3. Thank you both for your support! I got an account today with HuffPo so I could comment back against some of the mounting hate in the comment section. Now there are 40 comments and most are hateful and willfully ignorant. It is crappy that once you get in a mainstream place – ie one that isn’t feminist or woman-friendly – you’re plummeted with misogyny.

  4. elaine says:

    The comments I’ve seen on this HuffPo piece since I originally read and commented on it here are truly jaw-dropping…as well as somewhat frightening. There seems to be a powerful undercurrent of hate being tapped into in this nation, that is recruiting (mostly, it seems, young to middle aged white) males into a sort of army of wilful ignorance and hatred against women, minorities, and anyone else who can be presented by the hate-mongers as some sort of threat to their privilege and sense of entitlement to exploit others. Pity that these men seemingly cannot be brought to understand that the true threat to their well-being resides in the hate-mongers themselves, and the reactionary social forces they serve as spokesmen for.

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