Yuck! Harassers in a Truck!

I was walking back to work, enjoying the weather, enjoying the freebies I got from Georgetown Cupcake and from a girl on the street handing out free Ghirardelli chocolates, and these fools had to ruin it!

Out of nowhere, I hear “Yo, gorgeous!” and I turn in the direction where it came from. I see these two losers in a red and yellow truck smirking at me. Gross.

The truck pulls up further in traffic, and I catch up to it and snap a photo with my phone. I wish it’d came out clearer so you could see their faces, but at least the company name is somewhat visible.

When I told them that they needed to do their jobs and not hit on women, they didn’t care. They continued to smirk and giggle. Passers-by made a comment about me and giggled, and I don’t know if they were laughing at me getting harassed or laughing at me giving the harassers an earful, but I just didn’t care. I felt like these harassers just ruined what was a good afternoon.

The license plate on this truck was a Maryland plate, 11K 394. I saw that it said “Joy” on the side of the truck and got part of the truck’s phone number, 800-992-, but I couldn’t catch the last four digits. Google searches yielded nothing close.

I hope the employer sees this photo of this truck online, and reprimands these punks for hitting on women while they’re on the clock. It’s so disgusting.

– Anonymous

Location: M St & Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC

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3 Responses to Yuck! Harassers in a Truck!

  1. elaine says:

    It’s a pathetic comment on American society in general that passers-by will often react the way you described to this kind of scene. I really believe that the past couple of generations of young males in this country have been raised in a social hothouse atmosphere of “men today need to reassert their ‘masculinity’, and one of the ways to do this is by treating women as objects of male degradation and harassment”. And, sad to say, it seems like in today’s jumped-up, super militarized, heavily rightist leaning social climate, a lot of Americans are agreeing with attitudes like this. it’s just a damn shame our country can’t seem to ever progress to any great degree beyond these Neanderthalian ideas about men and women, and their respective ‘rightful’ places in society.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A commenter at HollaBack DC (where this story was also posted) filled in the blanks for me regarding this story, and I called the B. Frank Joy Company and reported this story to them. They’ll have someone get back to me. If it weren’t for that commenter, Beth, finding that extra information, this story never would’ve been reported. I thank her for helping me out!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Got a call from Desmond Hannon, General Manager of the B.F. Joy Company.

    He said that he’s 99.9% sure of who the offenders were by the description I gave, and that “extreme action” will be taken against them. He apologized profusely for their actions.


    I just can’t understand why men would harass at all, especially when they’re representing a company.

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