Know Your Power Campaign

Photo from U of NH

I  love this new media campaign out of the University of New Hampshire. It encourages everyone to be good bystanders and know your power, step in, and speak up because we can all make a difference in preventing or stopping violence and showing others that it is socially unacceptable behavior.

They’ve got tons of great resources on how to intervene as a bystander – and the effectiveness of this approachposters you can order and lots of related information. For example, here’s a checklist they put together:

Questions to Ask Before I Take Action

  • Am I aware there is a problem or risky situation?
  • Do I recognize someone needs help?
  • Do I see others and myself as part of the solutions?

Questions to Ask During the Situation

  • How can I keep myself safe?
  • What are my available options?
  • Are there others I may call upon for help?
  • What are the benefits/costs for taking action?

Decision to Take Action

  • When to act?

I know bystander intervention can be scary but it is really important. Most people don’t agree with violent behavior but if we are silent and let it happen, it will continue to happen.

Here’s more information on what we, especially men, can do.

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