Disneyland Groper

“Violated. I just think, ‘How can anybody do that? It’s Disneyland,” said Christina. “I’m there to spend time with my daughter, not to be assaulted like that.”

A man allegedly groped a woman on a Disneyland ride in California. She was at the park with her 12 year old daughter. The  man and his friends had been leering at the two in the line and then during the ride the man reached over and grabbed the woman’s breast, cheered on by his friends. She pushed his hand away and he apologized.

The woman reported him to the park authorities and filed a police report; the man fled the scene. Anaheim police are asking that if you recognize either men in the photo (see video), to call Anaheim Police at (714) 765-3439.

The story is on ABC news and currently it is the most viewed. I’m glad it’s getting so much attention. This kind of crap happens more than people would like to believe. Good for her for reporting him and bringing attention to this problem. I hope he gets caught.

Jezebel covered the story too: “To Catch a Predator: How to React to Guys who Grope

(Thanks Liz and B for the story tip)


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