Make it happen! – Last day to vote

Cross-posted from HollaBack NYC

You got us here, now help us seal the deal.  Give your five star rating to Hollaback and help us win the Knight News Challenge.

Over the past month 1,732 of you have checked out our application, making us the most viewed project of the competition.  Even more impressive, 102 of you have voted for our project, securing us the most votes.  But yesterday, our competitors showed their poor sportsmanship by slamming our project with one star votes and sinking Hollaback! from #1 to #15.  It’s your take-no-shit attitude that has made our project a success over the past five years.  So let’s rally on this cold winter day hollaback! at these haters to get this project funded.

This is your chance to fight street harassment worldwide. Vote now. Voting ends today.


One Response to Make it happen! – Last day to vote

  1. Emily May says:

    Thanks for posting Holly! Since this post 500 people have checked out Hollaback page and 24 people have voted, bring us back up to #2! Go Hollabackers!

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