15-year old girls help nab groper

Here’s a bad story with a good ending. In Edmonton, Canada, a man groped two teenage girls on different occasions on a bus.

“In the latter case, the alleged groper slipped his hand onto the victim’s seat as she sat down, Tabler said. The girl told a friend about the incident, who recognized the man as someone who had touched her inappropriately at an earlier date. The girls both took pictures of the man with their cellphones and then called police.”

A few hours after the police released the man’s photo, he was arrested and charged with one count of sexual assault (not sure why it’s not two if he assaulted both of them on separate occasions). The man is 52 years old, the girls are both 15. What the hell.

(In an unrelated incident, the article reports that another man groped a 24 year old woman on the bus last week in the same town.)

What is great about this story is how the girls worked together in an empowering way, took photos of and reported the harasser and now he’s being held accountable for his unacceptable and illegal behavior. They are inspirational!


One Response to 15-year old girls help nab groper

  1. What A great story! Yay for cell phone cameras. They alone may be the biggest change to the fight against sexual harassment.

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