Vulnerable to street harassment on a Vespa

I drive a Vespa in Dallas, TX to save on gas, but lately I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the hassle. There are a few things about a Vespa that make me very vulnerable to street harassment and unable to escape it:

1) There’s no protection around me, so horns honking are VERY loud and very scary.
2) If I’m stopped at a red light, there’s nothing between me and a man who wants to tell me “how hot my body looks on that bike”
3) It’s not very powerful, so I can’t speed away in a bad situation.

I’ve had men follow me in their cars, stand next to me at red lights and ask me out, and yell “sexy mama” while veering towards me in an intersection. It’s dangerous, threatening and scary.

As women, we shouldn’t have to make sacrifices in the way we get from A to B. We shouldn’t feel threatened because we’re out for a walk, riding a bike or driving a Vespa.


Location: Dallas, TX

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


2 Responses to Vulnerable to street harassment on a Vespa

  1. Golden Silence says:

    I agree that no one should feel unsafe trying to get around town!

    A relative of mine suggested I get a Vespa or bike for getting around in my old neighborhood, but I opted not to get either. The last thing I wanted was some fool trying some of the mess mentioned in this story, or worse, jumping on the back of it with some lewd comment about “girl, can I ride witcha?” It’s scary!

  2. Sarah says:

    That’s why I don’t ride my bike to work (well, actually it’s because my new job is too far to bike) or take public transit. Horrible men have turned me into an environmental menace. :^(

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