Male entitlement

I was walking back to my apartment in Manchester (UK), having done some grocery shopping. It was winter time and very cold, so the only flesh showing was my face. I’m usually listening to music as I’m walking about, so I had earphones in, but I suddenly noticed there was a man behind me and that he was trying to talk to me.

I turned round as I caught the end of the sentence: “… I just had to tell you, you look beautiful.”

I said, “Okay, thank you” and carried on walking.

He continued to follow me saying, “I know it’s an inconvenient time and you’re in a rush but I just had to say that.”

I replied, “Yes it is really, but thanks anyway.”

The man seemed shocked and said, “Oh” as if I was going to entertain the idea of a conversation with him.

Of all the situations of harassment I’ve had I probably dealt with this one the best, but it still made me angry and frustrated. I couldn’t understand why he had picked me out from the crowds that were around or why he thought I would be flattered by that.

– HC

Location: Manchester, UK

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3 Responses to Male entitlement

  1. Wondering guy says:

    How is this harassment? A person told you, that you were good looking. Most people would like that.
    The reason he responded the way he did, was because of your total rejection.

  2. @wondering guy, actually a lot of women do not like random men coming up to them and commenting on their appearance. Men do not have people coming up to them all the time commenting on their looks. Women are not in public places like a CITY STREET to be appraised – positively or negatively. The fact that she told him she was in a rush and he was shocked by that further shows his disregard for her as a person with things to do. You also neglect to consider the fact that there are men who will follow women and try to touch them or assault them, and they may just start off with a comment like this man did. How are we supposed to know which men are dangerous and creeps? Please treat women with respect and don’t comment on their looks unless they explicitly ask for your opinion.

  3. Stones says:

    i have to say I agree with you. Most men are physically stronger than women, thus it’s natural for a woman to feel apprehensive and uncomfortable when a man accosts her on the street. Men know this, some just don’t care, unfortunately.

    I personally won’t make eye contact with women on the street because I don’t want to potentially make her uncomfortable. I’m glad I’m not a woman. I can walk anywhere I want, day or night. Women can’t.

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